About the job

DEXMA is a SaaS company based in Barcelona. Our software tackles one of the world’s hardest challenges: sustainable energy usage. Our customers provide us with millions of building energy readings every day, which we analyse in real time and help them increase their overall efficiency, thus helping the planet.

We are hiring a data scientist interested in Machine Learning and Software development to join our team.

The role

The ideal candidate must be able to juggle multiple responsibilities, be comfortable in developing cutting-edge machine learning and statistical algorithms as well as have the ability to switch contexts between research literature searches, rapid algorithmic prototyping, as well as assisting in code testing and deployment with the development team.

Your day-to-day will also involve developing prototypes and participating in the development of new product features using agile methodologies, trying to solve our customers' problems and figure out how to improve their daily life.

You’ll be part of our multidisciplinary team that is composed of several roles/skills: Data Scientists, Energy Engineers, Software Developers, Customer Success Engineers and Product Owner.

About you

  • You have out-of-the-box, critical and analytical thinking
  • You like to be involved in reasoning out your thoughts based on your experience and your learnings with your team
  • You care about product, you have a passion for doing things that you are proud of
  • You would be proud of fighting climate change with your job

Required skills

  • Completed/ongoing degree or master in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics or related studies
  • Experience in any programming language (Python, R, …)
  • Fluent in English

Desirable skills

  • Database querying (SQL) languages
  • Statistics, machine learning and/or operations research background
  • Knowledge of analytic methodologies including data analysis, model & feature selection, optimisation algorithms, neural networks, clustering/classification and/or signal processing
  • Knowledge of the energy sector

What do we offer?

  • Paid part-time internship
  • You can combine remote, office work or your own hybrid. Family and health first
  • Possibility to develop your degree/master thesis
  • Possibility to promote
  • Be part of an international, young and passionate about sustainability team
  • Flexible working hours
  • To feed our thoughts, each of us have “innovation time” to explore new tools and ideas (10% of our work time)
  • Company events (BBQ, outdoor activities...) and sponsored courses

How is this hiring process going to be?

  • After your application, we will review your CV and why you would like to join DEXMA
  • Short call (15-20 min) to meet you
  • (Optional) Technical test, so you can show us how you would solve a real problem
  • Face-to-face meeting with our Data Scientists and Product Owner
  • Final offer
  • Onboarding process

Ready to grow with us? Apply and we’ll get in touch with you soon ;) Let’s help the planet!